Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is the easiest way for employees to give regularly to charities from their pre-tax

Companies that have already set up workplace giving include:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • IAG
  • Australian Charities Fund
  • Charities Aid Foundation

Benefits of giving direct from the payroll:

  • Companies can match the employee’s donation, thereby increasing staff morale and partnering in positive corporate social responsibility.
  • There’s no need for donors to collect receipts for a tax refund as tax deduction occurs at each pay.
  • Your chosen charity receives the full after tax amount (eg. Charity receives $20 but it costs employees only $13.50 pre-tax).
  • An employee can choose donation amount and preferred charity.

Ways to donate
Contact your HR department to check if there is an existing scheme. If not, you can choose to set
one up in-house or use one of the following agencies to help you.

  • The Australian Charities Fund
  • Charities Aid Foundation

The Australian Tax Office website offers a step by step guide to help you set up the process.

If you would like to talk further about workplace giving please contact:

Phone (02) 9399 1010

Page last updated: 16:16  22 July 2015