Research Program

The Schizophrenia Research Institute initiates, supports and conducts world-class research into schizophrenia to advance understanding of its clinical components, mechanisms, causes, treatment and prevention.

Developmental Neurobiology
Cognitive Neuroscience
Epidemiology and Population Health

Using a unique ‘virtual institute’ structure, the Institute utilises appropriate research and infrastructure facilities in universities, hospitals and research institutes. Our network also encompasses leading national and overseas organisations in a continual exchange of information, as well as collaborative partnerships on specific research programs.

To meet the challenge of schizophrenia, we support and coordinate basic and applied research in a variety of different disciplines. The Institute has evolved from a network of scientists with a common interest, to a national organisation with a strategic research focus. We believe we will be able to answer key questions about schizophrenia by focusing on four paths.

Our research programs are all underpinned by the Institute’s Schizophrenia Research Infrastructure Programs, such as the Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank and the NSW Tissue Resource Centre, rich sources of biological samples and clinical information derived from our research volunteers, the majority of whom are living with schizophrenia. *

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