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Reading facial expressions_article
“Reading” facial expressions and schizotypy

Understanding more about schizotypal individuals may help us to know more about how psychosis may develop.

The ability to accurately read and interpret the facial expressions of people encountered in everyday situations is an important interpersonal skill that provides confidence to deal with social interactions. People with schizophrenia very often …

Database update_article
ASRB database 2.0

After 12 months of hard work and dedication, the Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank (ASRB) is happy to announce that upgrades to the database have been completed.

When the ASRB received a grant from eResearch funding body NECTAR to upgrade their research database, Professor Frans Hensken, Associated Professor Carmel Loughland, Dr David …

Communicating a diagnosis of schizophrenia

A study that investigated how the diagnosis of schizophrenia was delivered from clinicians to their patients has lead to the development of the ComPsych training program, which aims to improve communication skills within the mental health profession.

When it comes to delivering bad news, it can be difficult to find the …

The latest news from Prof. Vaughan Carr

Pull up a chair, take a seat and spend a minute or two with Professor Vaughan Carr, CEO of Schizophrenia Research Institute, as he fills us in on the latest research happening at the Institute.

Curious as to what Prof. Cyndi Shannon Weickert and Prof. Ulli Schall are currently working on? Press play and you’ll get a brief overview. Want something a little more in depth? Check out our current Annual Report and immerse yourself in all of the research that is currently happening.