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Announcement: SRI to merge with NeuRA

Minister for Medical Research, Pru Goward today announced $2.5 million over four years to support the development of new treatments and possible cures for schizophrenia through the amalgamation of two national research institutes.

“The NSW Government has committed $2.5 million to support the amalgamation of Schizophrenia …

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Huge step towards understanding the cause of schizophrenia

Just as no two people are the same, no two people with schizophrenia will present with precisely the same physical or neurobiological attributes. Some patients may have delusions and hallucinations; others will experience a decreased range of emotional affect, or cognitive deficits that disturb memory and language.

The key to understanding …

Why your support is essential

“With the success rates  of our national research project grant rounds from the National Health and Medical Research Council dropping every year, it is a real concern for researchers in the medical field to keep producing dynamic and cutting-edge research,” writes Dr Francesca Fernandez-Enright in the latest issue of International …

A thank you, made just for you!

The Schizophrenia Research Institute has come a long way since 1996. Here are some of our biggest achievements, and some pretty convincing reasons to invest in schizophrenia research.

Thanks you to our scientists for the great work they do, and to our supporters. We couldn't have come this far without you!