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Yiru Zhang
Meet the researcher

Growing up with a bright, studious neighbour whose company he enjoyed was one of the primary reasons that Yiru Zhang decided to pursue a career in medical research. As a teen Yiru saw first-hand how the onset of schizophrenia diverted his friend and neighbour from her scholarly ambitions, and felt …

Pat Michie
Advancing our knowledge

An invite-only workshop attended by several of our researchers last year revealed such a depth of knowledge that a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal will be published to celebrate the advances made by our scientists.

In 2014, Professor Pat Michie (pictured), from the University of Newcastle, organised a two-day workshop …

Tertia and Katie
Guiding future research

Our scientists have been asked to compile a special edition of Schizophrenia Research, looking specifically at the hormones implicated in the disorder.

The September issue of peer-reviewed journal Schizophrenia Research, will this year be guest-edited by Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert with assistance from Dr Tertia Purves-Tyson and Katie Allen (pictured), who …

A thank you, made just for you!

The Schizophrenia Research Institute has come a long way since 1996. Here are some of our biggest achievements, and some pretty convincing reasons to invest in schizophrenia research.

Thanks you to our scientists for the great work they do, and to our supporters. We couldn't have come this far without you!