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Institute scientist and ambassador talk schizophrenia research on ABC radio

Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert and patient ambassador Richard Schweizer spoke to Lynne Malcolm for ABC’s All In The Mind radio show about her latest research findings and the hope it offers to those with schizophrenia.

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* Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert …

Research round-up July 2014

There have been several papers published in peer-reviewed journals over the past few months, some of which we have highlighted here to share with you the progress our scientists are making when it comes to understanding how we can better treat schizophrenia.


Dr Kelly Newell (pictured) believes that drugs that target …

Disbalance (high Resolution 3D Image)
New therapy may assist voice-hearers

Cognitive Behavioural Relating Therapy tips the balance of power in favour of people with schizophrenia and allows them to develop a healthier interpersonal relationship with the voices they hear.

Cognitive Behavioural Relating Therapy (CBRT) is a novel treatment developed by Perth-based psychologist Dr Georgie Paulik that aims to improve how people …

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